West Indian Girl Sings About Life

SAN DIEGO — ‘Bliss, joy and revelation.” That’s how vocalist-guitarist Rob James describes his band, West Indian Girl.

Those words may not divulge much about how the Los Angeles-based group – named after a strain of LSD that has been known to elicit some wacky hallucinations – actually sounds. All it takes is one metaphorical dose of the band’s self-titled 2004 debut album. Songs like “What Are You Afraid Of,” “Hollywood” and “Miles From Monterrey” fuse ambient electronic rhythms with drums, guitar, bass, keyboard and siren-like backup vocals.
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Close-Up: George Hauer of George’s at the Cove

SAN DIEGO — Nearly 40 years ago, George Hauer was a senior at San Diego State University, waiting tables to pay the bills. Today he is the principal and founder of a prominent restaurant nestled atop the cliffs of La Jolla Cove that has satiated the appetites of political bigwigs, famous entertainers and ordinary people.
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Soul Surfing in Costa Rica: A Tenderfoot’s Ride

Sometimes when I close my eyes, I remember how it feels to soul surf. In fact, I even remember the first time my spirit found freedom in the balmy waters of Costa Rica. It happened July 17, 2002, about 45 miles north of Tamarindo, a coastal town in the province of Guanacaste that has exploded into a mecca of yachts, tourists, and pricey condos.
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Sparks Will Fly: Artsy Bikes at First Fridays and Mill Avenue

TEMPE — At first glance, the scene borders on absurdity: A man zips down Mill Avenue on a pink lowrider bicycle that boasts a pair of tassels, white tires and the moniker “Pink N’ Pretty.” He pedals fast, eager to attract attention. When part of the frame nicks the asphalt, sparks spit out and, sure enough, people stop to look. The stares are exactly what 22-year-old Ryan Murray, Pink N’ Pretty’s owner, and the Tom Cruisers expect every time they bike the Valley’s streets. Chrome rims and shiny frames like those featured in the Sprite commercial aren’t what make these bicycles stand out – luxury isn’t the goal…yet.
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