Close-Up: Tim and Marc Penick of TB Penick & Sons Inc.

SAN DIEGO — More than a century ago, Thomas Beverly Penick cemented his place in San Diego history by using horses to haul sand and gravel to construction sites. Although the landscape has undergone massive makeovers since the Kentucky-born entrepreneur hopped off a train in 1905 with his family in tow to test his skills in the West, Penick’s vision to provide quality services as a concrete contractor lingers with every successor.
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Close-Up: Wayne Pinnell of Haskell & White LLP

SAN DIEGO — Year-round tax deadlines, complicated audits and the threat of a recession do not faze Wayne Pinnell. For nearly 13 years, the 44-year-old managing partner of Irvine-based Haskell & White LLP has thrived in an environment devoted to accounting and consulting, and helped build the firm’s audit practice by extending services to the manufacturing, distribution and technology sectors.
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In the Spotlight: Photos Reveal Real Story of Now-Famous Kazakhstan

SAN DIEGO — Thanks to “Borat,” the glorious nation of Kazakhstan emerged from a bundle of obscure central Asian countries to a popular one that many moviegoers could pronounce, maybe even identify on a map. Too bad the Foreign Ministry threatened to sue star Sacha Baron Cohen for his “derogatory” depiction of the state after his social experiment hit theaters.
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In the Spotlight: Diva Smackdown Hits the Stage in ‘Legends!’

SAN DIEGO — Hair-pulling, face-slapping and downright bitchiness make for an epic catfight — and almost everyone secretly enjoys watching one. Joan Collins and Linda Evans know this all too well. In the 1980s, the duo sent television ratings soaring as “Dynasty’s” glamorous rivals — Alexis and Krystal Carrington. Now they have reunited for “Legends!,” Tony Award-winning author James Kirkwood’s classic catfight comedy that centers on two somewhat desperate and waning movie stars named Sylvia (played by Collins) and Leatrice (played by Evans).
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In the Spotlight: Something Familiar About Twins’ Performance

SAN DIEGO – Barbra Streisand, Elton John, Cher, Neil Diamond and Rod Stewart all have one thing in common: People like to impersonate them. While many fail miserably, there are a select few, including California-born identical twin brothers Anthony and Eddie Edwards, who have become famous in their own right by portraying legendary celebrities so well.
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